Lord God, Help MeIntroduction

Lord God help me…

No matter where you pray these words, whether whispered, spoken or simply as a thought in your mind, we believe God hears and we believe that GOD ANSWERS PRAYER.

A Comment on Prayer

Here at Free Bible Study Lessons.net, we truly believe that the LORD answers the prayers of his children. Saying, “I need prayer” is not an act of weakness, but one of recognition that God is sovereign and that he can transform any situation, no matter how bleak.

Now when we say that the Lord answers prayer, we do not mean to imply that God is like a genie or a vending machine. Put in the money, out comes an answer.

Prayer is part of your relationship with God. It is a privilege we have to be able to speak prayers to God with confidence and without fear, because he loves us so deeply and because Jesus made a way for us to have full access to the Father.

How Does God Answer Prayer?

When we claim that God answers prayer it may not be in the form or fashion that you desire.

This is not to excuse God. You must truly believe that God knows you intimately and that his response to your prayers will always be in your best interest and for your growth as one of his children.

Nevertheless, your prayers to God can often be answered very directly whereby the Lord grants you the petition of your heart. At other times God may ask you to wait a while longer.

The form in which God answers prayer can be through your reading of Scripture, through other people (inside or outside your church), through dreams or visions or even as that voice or feeling of God where you sense God is speaking to you directly.

Prayer Scriptures From The Psalms

If you are feeling fairly discouraged you might consider praying by way of some of the Psalms.

The psalmists often cry out with anguish, Lord God help me in my distress. They express our human condition in all of its raw emotion before the Lord.

Many Psalms are personal pleas of grief intoning the Lord to intercede in what looks like hopeless situations.

The beauty of many of these Psalms is their forthrightness and honesty and the way that many finish with the Psalmist placing his trust and faith in God’s bounty, sovereignty and mercy.

I have created a page of some of the most heartfelt prayers in the Psalms. This way you will be able to express the cry of your heart through the Psalms saying, “Lord God help me in my time of great need.”

Be Persistent

Above all, don’t lose hope or faith. God loves you with an everlasting love. Like the persistent friend, God asks that you keep on knocking, keep on seeking and keep on asking with your prayers.