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Bible study should be an enriching, inspiring, and life-changing experience and instead it is often dry, dull and not very practical.

Here at the Bible Study Blueprint we want to change that through our  three-step guided training for studying the Bible.

It's our blueprint to go deeper and to give you more confidence in studying and leading others in the study of the scriptures.

All of God's blessings as you seek to understand his word.

- Gustavo

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High Praise for Advanced Bible Study Techniques

Mr. Karakey,

I attended your Sunday school class [on the 7 advanced Bible study techniques] and I want to write to thank you. 

I want to let you know that the techniques you taught have helped me in so many ways and I have truly grown in my desire to study Scripture.

Your class is helping me not to avoid controversial and difficult to understand passages which I have done previously.

Best regards,


elizabeth - testimonial



This course is teaching me many important things about how to read the Bible more efficiently.

It is well instructed and I'm able to understand it quite easily.

I like how there are questions at the end of each chapter to check my knowledge and see how I'm learning from the material.

I think that it is money well spent.

Charles Reich

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