1 Peter Bible Study


Welcome to your 1 Peter Bible Study.1 Peter Bible Study

How can you be holy within an immoral culture? How do you function in a society where Christians are an oppressed minority?

We’ll tackle these important questions and more in this 8-week 1 Peter Bible Study.

1 Peter recognizes the difficulties that Christians encounter when living in a society that opposes their values. Thus, it is highly relevant for Christians living in a modern society.

However, 1 Peter does not call for disconnecting yourself from society. Neither does it counsel self-pity. Rather, 1 Peter reminds believers that their identity in Christ:

  1. Seals them for heaven
  2. Calls them to a healthy engagement with the culture
  3. Demands a personal and social ethic that reflects God’s holiness

Steps to Prepare for Your Study

Follow these steps to make the most of your 1 Peter Bible study:

  1. If you are leading this study consider completing our Guide for Bible Study Leaders. This manual provides 5 tips for maximizing the impact of any Bible study.
  2. Read an introduction to 1 Peter in a study Bible. Check out my Bible Study Tools page for recommendations.
  3. Study the 1 Peter Outline (online or PDF). Notice where the natural divisions occur.
  4. Read 1 Peter through in one sitting.  Keep a notebook handy to jot down questions, ideas and applications.
  5. Optional: Complete our How to Study a Book of The Bible lessons with 1 Peter.

Lesson Plans for 1 Peter Bible Study

Start Here! – Cultural Background for 1 Peter

Week 1 – A Heavenly Inheritance (1:3-12)

Week 2 – Christian Identity in a Hostile Society (Part 1) (1:13-25)

Week 3 – Christian Identity in a Hostile Society (Part 2) (2:1-10)

Week 4 – Wives and Slaves – The Household Codes (Part 1) (2:11-25)

Week 5 – Wives and Slaves? – The Household Codes (Part 2) (3:1-3:12)

Week 6 – Suffering for Doing Good (Part 1) – (3:13-17)

Week 7 – Suffering for Doing Good (Part 2) – (4:1-19)

Week 8 – Shepherding the Flock of God (5:1-14)