The 7 Rules of Bible Interpretation EVERY Christian Should Know

8 Modules of Advanced Techniques to Transform Your Bible Study and Your Spiritual Life


Step 1

In this module we provide an overview of the 7 rules and the reasons for why EVERY Christian should take this course

Rule #1
Pre-Existing Conditions

Step 1

Your preconceptions ABOUT the Bible stop you from hearing its message on its own terms.  In this module, we show you your preconceptions and how to minimize their influence.

Rule #2
By the Book

Step 1

Before you study individual passages it is critical that you understand the overall book.  In this module we show you how to do a whole book study using an often overlooked resource.

Rule #3
Context, Context, Context

Step 1

What surrounds your passage can profoundly affect what your passage means.  In this module we show you how to read your passage in light of what comes before and what comes after.

Rule #4
Word Up

Step 1

Sometimes, words can have deeper meanings.  In this module we show you how to use an online Bible concordance in order to dive deep into the meanings of individual terms in a passage.

Rule #5
Culture Shock

Step 1

The Bible's culture is sometimes strange and very different which affects how you read its message. In this module, we show you how to study any cultural element using a Bible dictionary.

Rule #6
Bible Context

Step 1

Jesus said, "As Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, so shall the Son of Man be lifted up..."  (John 3:14) 

How does Jesus' reference help you to understand what he says in John 3:14.  This module will teach you how to study a passage similar to yours to increase your understanding.

Rule #7
ModernDay Application

Step 1

In this module, we give you some tried and tested principles for applying the ancient message of the Bible your modern context.

Must Have Bible

Step 1

Throughout the course, we'll introduce you to three must-have Bible study resources that will transform your study of the Bible.

About Your Teacher

Dr. Gustavo Karakey

Gustavo Karakey is a missionary, pastor and a professor of New Testament at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia, in Medellín.  He has been teaching the Bible since 2003 in seminary, Bible college as well as in Sunday School settings.

Gustavo's passion is to teach the Bible such that your desire to study it would grow as would your relationship with the Lord.

Here Is What You Get!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course begin?

The course will begin on Tuesday, September 15th @ 7:00 PM EST.  It will run for 8 consecutive weeks.

How do I access the live Zoom classes?

After you register, you will receive your ZOOM registration code as well as access to our training platform.

Will there be any homework assignments?

You will have a list of study questions that you can answer every week to reinforce the concepts.  However, this work is optional.  

If you wish to make the most of this course, you can also read one of several books we recommend to complement the course.

Where do I access the course materials?

After you register, you will receive access to our course platform where you will find all the written course materials.

The recordings will be available for a suggested donation after they have been reviewed and edited.

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