Learn 7 Advanced Bible Study Techniques…

Introducing the 7 Rules of Bible Interpretation EVERY Christian Should Know (Mobile Only Course)

Course Description

Our signature Bible Study Blueprint course goes far beyond the Inductive Bible Study Method.

In this course, you’ll learn 7 advanced Bible study techniques in the form of the 7 Rules of Bible Interpretation EVERY Christian Should Know.

Each one of these rules allows you to study the passages of the Bible from a unique angle. The course tackles how to use various Bible resources to study a whole book of the Bible at once or the Bible’s culture. In addition, you’ll learn valuable principles for applying the ancient message of the Bible to a modern context.

Knowing these techniques will transform your study of the Bible as well as your Spiritual life.

IMPORTANT: If you are a Sunday school teacher, small group leader or small group member, then this course will give you the tools to become a confident and mature leader or participant of / in your weekly Bible studies.

Course Curriculum

This course is divided into seven rules or principles.

Rule #1 – Pre-existing Conditions – This rule states that there are no objective readers of the Bible.  It introduces you to some the preconceptions that your bring to Bible study and how they negatively affect how you read the Bible.  The goal is to identify these preconceptions and diminish their influence in your Bible studies.

Rule # 2 – By the Book – This rule will show you how to study a whole book of the Bible at a time.  Individual passages will come to life with new meaning when you have a big picture view of a particular book of the Bible. 

Rule #3 – Context, Context, Context – This rule will teach you how to study the surrounding paragraphs of a passage in order to add depth, clarity and meaning to any Bible text.

Rule #4 – Word Up – This rule will teach you the richness of doing a word study on a particular term in your passage using an online Bible concordance.

Rule #5 – Culture Shock – This rule will teach you how to better understand the culture and the customs of any Bible passage.

Rule #6 – Bible Context – This rule will teach you how similar passages in other parts of the Bible add meaning and clarity to your own passage? 

Rule #7 – Modern-Day Application – This rule demonstrates how to correctly apply the Bible’s message to your personal life.

How to Use Two Must-Have Bible Resources – Throughout the course, we teach you how to use a your study Bible and a Bible dictionary. These important Bible resources will open up the Scriptures like never before allowing you to complete various types of in-depth studies.

What You Get

  • 10 modules with over 3.5 hours of video lessons
  • Step-by-step process for using each rule / technique plus case studies that apply each rule to different passages
  • PDF summaries of each lesson
  • Questions for reflection after each module which you can use if you are leading a study
  • Lifetime access and access to any updates, bonus lessons or materials

About the Instructor

Gustavo Karakey is a professor of New Testament at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia in Medellín. He has been teaching the Bible in seminary settings, churches, Sunday school classes and small groups in 2003.

Gustavo is the author of the Bible Study Blueprint website which teaches the concepts of Bible study and Bible interpretation at the local church level.


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