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The 7 Rules of Bible Interpretation EVERY Christian Should Know

This course will introduce you to 7 advanced Bible study techniques that will give you more confidence as you study the Bible.

Here Are the Modules for the Course


Module 1: Introduction to the 7 Rules Course

This module provides an overview of the 7 Rules of Bible Interpretation EVERY Christian Should Know. 


Module 2: Rule #1 - Pre-Existing Conditions

Rule #1 - Pre-Existing Conditions begins with the premise that you are not an objective reader of the Bible.  This module covers the 3 preconceptions that hinder your understanding of the Bible and how to minimize their influence. 


Module 3: Rule #2 - By the Book

Rule #2 - By the Book shows you how to study a whole book of the Bible at once. By gaining an understanding of the whole book you will gain a greater understanding of the individual passages in the book.


Module 4: Rule #3 - Context, Context, Context

Rule #3 - Context, Context, Context shows you the importance of reading what comes BEFORE and AFTER a passage. This gives you a picture of what is happening in the passage and helps to clarify its meaning.


Module 5: Rule #4 - Word Up

Rule #4 - Word Up teaches you the importance of doing a deeper word study of a term in your passage.  Sometimes, words in the Bible have a deeper meaning than their surface translation. A word study provides a wider range of meanings to help clarify a passage.


Module 6: Rule #5 - Culture Shock

Rule #5 - Culture Shock shows you how to study and understand the cultural elements in a passage.  Often, a passage does not become clear until we understand certain aspects of a Bible's custom or culture.


Module 2: Rule #6 - Bible Context

Rule #6 - Bible Context shows you how to make a connection between your passage of study and another passage in the Bible. The idea is that briefly studying the OT passage will give greater clarity to the meaning of an NT passage.


Module 8: Rule #7 - Modern-Day Application

Rule #7 - Modern-Day Application covers the principles for applying an ancient message to a modern context. 

Additional Features of the Course

9 Modules - 3.5 hours of video lessons

Each module explains an advanced Bible study technique, showing you a step-by-step process with examples.

PDF Lessons and Questions

You'll get access to a summary of each module's lessons in PDF format.  There are also questions for reviewing the principles in each module.

Access to Other Students and the Professor

Interact with the instructor as well as a  community of like-minded students and leaders. Ask questions and share best practices.  

Certification Option

As an added option, we can quiz students on their progress to ensure they have captured all of the materials.  Students will receive a certificate upon the successful completion of all of the modules.

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Mr. Karakey,

I attended your Sunday school class [on the 7 advanced Bible study techniques] and I want to write to thank you. 

I want to let you know that the techniques you taught have helped me in so many ways and I have truly grown in my desire to study Scripture.

Your class is helping me not to avoid controversial and difficult to understand passages which I have done previously.

Best regards,



7 Rules Student

This course is teaching me many important things about how to read the Bible more efficiently.

It is well instructed and I'm able to understand it quite easily.

I like how there are questions at the end of each chapter to check my knowledge and see how I'm learning from the material.

I think that it is money well spent.

About The Course Teacher,
(Dr. Gustavo Karakey)

Gustavo Karakey is a missionary, author, speaker, and instructor.  Currently, he is a professor of New Testament at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia in Medellín.  Gustavo has been teaching Bible courses in seminary settings, Sunday school classes and small group Bible studies for the past 16 years.

He is passionate about teaching the Bible and ensuring that every Christian has the necessary tools to read, understand and interpret the Bible for themselves.

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