Who is Gustavo Karakey?gustavo karakey profile

I’m first and foremost a family man.  After that, I’m a professor and a missionary to Colombia where my wife and I both serve.

I graduated from Pepperdine University with an Economics degree but over time I found myself working in corporate training.  It was during my time in the corporate world that I developed my passion for teaching and for helping others to acquire new skills.

After attending seminary in 2003, my family and I lived overseas on a few occasions (Costa Rica, Paraguay and Colombia) where I found and developed my vocation: teaching the Bible.

Currently, I serve as a professor of New Testament with the Biblical Seminary of Colombia located in Medellín, Colombia. I hold a PhD in New Testament from the London School of Theology and my doctoral dissertation is entitled: The Coherent Pattern of Leadership within the Shepherd Image in Luke, Peter and John.

If you wish to learn more about this strategic work, please visit my ministry site at: www.karakey.com

What is the Bible Study Blueprint?

The Bible Study Blueprint is a proven system that will transform you from a Bible study novice to a self-sufficient, confident and advanced Bible study student.

It consists of 3 levels:

Step 1

Step 1, Understanding the Bible As Story is what we call a pre-bible study orientation.  We believe it is the missing piece in the modern-day approach to Bible study.

The first level is all about giving you an overall framework for the Bible (best understood as a meta-narrative). By learning the Bible in this way, you have an outline in which to place the figures, events, stories or books of the Bible.

Download your free copy of “Understanding the Bible as Story” here.

Step 2 (In Development)

Step 2 teaches you the standard inductive Bible study techniques of observation, interpretation and application, but with a few additional features added.

We teach you how to use two important Bible study resources and we expand the scope of each section (observation, interpretation and application).

Step 3

Step 3 is all about advanced Bible study techniques.  This is where we borrow some tools from the seminary setting, but then make them accessible to the everyday Christian.  In this way, you can develop some very advanced Bible study skills, without the need for long or expensive seminary courses.

Check out the ebook and video course versions of this step.

The Need For the Bible Study Blueprint?

One of the best things about being a Bible professor is seeing the transformation in students after studying the Bible intently.

The time at seminary, takes them through a very intense growth phase, which impacts their relationship to the Lord, their understanding of their place in God’s kingdom and their knowledge and ability to use the Bible.

This is all well and good for seminary students, but what about the rest of us?

Over the years, as I’ve dedicated myself to investing in the leadership of the church (through teaching at a seminary), I’ve also endeavored to bring this type of study into the church at large.

The Bible Study Blueprint is part of that effort.  

It combines a rigorous approach to Bible study (which is necessary for growth) with an accessibility for the average person.  This means, material that is easier to digest, shorter in length and cost-effective.

Great For Small Group Leaders and Members

If you are a small group leader or member, then I urge you to consider giving the Bible Study Blueprint a try.  Level 3 is available as a video course.

I am working hard to develop all three into a video series that will be available in 2020.

I guarantee that if you put in the effort, you will have a renewed fervor to study the Bible.  In addition, you will have greater insights, knowledge and applications of the Bible.

And that will greatly improve the quality, depth and excitement in any Bible study.

Happy studying!