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Advanced Bible Study Techniques


Welcome to the Advanced Bible Study Techniques page.

On this page you’ll find free resources and material related to one of our signature courses, 7 Rules of Bible Interpretation EVERY Christian Should Know.   In actuality, these are advanced techniques that go well beyond the inductive Bible study method.

7 Rules of Bible Interpretation

The 7 Rules actually come to us from the world of the seminary.

The great thing is that you don’t have to attend seminary to learn them.  Even better, they are not difficult to learn but they pack a wallop when it comes to elevating your Bible study game.

Here are the 7 Rules in summary format:

#1 – Pre-Existing Conditions – Everyone approaches the Bible with a set of preconceived notions about its meanings and message.  With this technique, you will become aware of your blind spots, so to speak, and you will be able to minimize them so that you can better understand any Bible passage.

#2 – By the Book – Good Bible study begins at the level of a book.  Before you read even a single passage, you must have an understanding for a book as a whole, it’s author, purpose and main themes.  By the Book is the antidote to reading the Bible piecemeal which is what happens in 1000s of Bible studies every day.

#3 – Context, Context, Context – This technique teaches you how to read not only your passage, but the passages that surround it.  This again helps you not to read a Bible passage in isolation.

#4 – Word Up – Sometimes, words have much deeper meanings than a superficial reading would indicate.  This technique shows you how to dive deep into the study of a particular word in the Bible.  This technique will also show you how to use an online Bible concordance to make speedy work of your study.

#5 – Culture Shock – Ever wonder what the Babylonians were like? How people fished in the time of Jesus? What scribes really did?  All of these issues fall under the category of culture and in order to understand a passage, you would do well to know something of its cultural elements.  This technique will teach you how to use a Bible dictionary to understand any cultural element of a passage.

#6 – Bible Context – The Bible speaks to different topics across all of its pages.  When you study one passage, there are likely many other passages that will help illuminate its meaning.  This technique teaches you how to find related passages to the one you are studying to add more understanding and clarity.

#7 – Modern-Day Application – Applying a passage of scripture is the holy grail of why we study the Bible in the first place.  But how do you know what to apply and what to leave behind as part of an ancient culture.  This technique will give you some practical advice for how to go from the biblical world to the modern world.

If you would like to see the 7 Rules in action, I invite you to purchase our full video course the 7 Rules of Bible Interpretation EVERY Christian Should Know.

NOTE: All proceeds help to fund training for pastors, leaders and scholars in Latin America.

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