Bible Study Methods by Book – Part 3

Write Down Impressions and Applications

Bible Study MethodsIntroduction

Welcome to Part 3 0f your study entitled: «Bible Study Methods: How to Study a Whole Book of the Bible.”

The procedure for studying a whole book is outlined below.

Overview of the process: Discusses the goal and the advantage to studying a whole book of the Bible.

Step 1 – Read the book through in its entirety

Step 2 – Jot down the answers to the background of the book

Step 3 – Write down your impression and some applications of the book

Details for Step 3 are outlined below:

Step #3 – Describe the book and your reaction in your own words

Step 3 involves doing a mental review of the book and writing down the things that stand out in your mind.  If you’ve read through the book a few times, written down some answers to key questions, looked over an outline and maybe read an introduction to the book in a study Bible, there should be elements that made an impression on you.

Now, take a blank sheet of paper or a blank word processing document and write down in your own words what this book is about. Write as much as you can about its purpose, main themes, figures, narratives, events, unique aspects, etc.

Finish With An Application

Finally, reflect on some applications for your life based on certain aspects of the book as a whole or its parts.

What caught your attention about this book? What challenged you, inspired you or motivated you? What parts need further study or clarification?

What changes can you make in your life as a result of having done this type of study?


A whole book Bible study method is a very different and yet extremely rewarding way to study the Bible.

At a time when we tend to look at the Bible more as a jigsaw puzzle or in a piece-meal fashion, a whole book study teaches us to see large chunks of the Bible at a time.

In addition, getting a good handle on a whole book will give you tremendous leverage and insight as you begin to study its individual components.

All of God’s blessing to you…as you use this important Bible study method.