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Welcome to our Bible Study Tools page where you will find helpful recommendations to make understanding the Bible much easier whether for personal devotion or in a small group setting.

If you plan to lead Bible studies, then these Bible study helps are an indispensable resource for providing you with in-depth commentary and insights.

NIV Study Bible

Recommendation #1 – Study Bible

A study Bible is a basic, must-have Bible study resource.

These usually contain very well written introductions to each book of the Bible (including an outline), a series of footnotes that further explain nuances of the biblical text, a cross-reference section that allows you to find similar passages to the one you are reading and charts, maps and tables to further explain various elements of Scripture.

Study bibles come in many different English translations depending on which style you prefer (NIV, ESV, NKJV, NLT, etc.) In addition, many are written from a particular theological perspective (Pentecostal, Reformed, Dispensational, etc.) or are edited by a team of scholars that represent a broader, but still evangelical spectrum.

For a study Bible I would recommend: NIV Study Bible

(Note: This study Bible represents a broad spectrum of evangelical scholarship. If you prefer, you can choose a study Bible that is closer to your denominational / theological tradition):

Recommendation #2 – Bible Dictionary

A Bible Dictionary represents the next level for doing an in-depth analysis and study of the Bible.

It contains thousands of well researched entries on key terms, events, names, figures, artifacts, locations and elements of the Bible.

Want to learn more about the Temple? A Bible dictionary will give you several pages of explanation, with drawings and charts, and even a bibliography for further study.

In addition, a Bible dictionary will contain introductions and outlines for every book of the Bible; however, these are much more in-depth than those found in a Study bible (since more space can be devoted to each one).

I recommend the following Bible study resource for a dictionary:

Recommendation #3 – One-Volume Commentary

This Bible study tool is an excellent investment for those wanting to take their Bible learning and knowledge to a still higher level.

It contains a detailed introduction to each book of the Bible (again, even more in-depth than in a Bible dictionary) and scholarly opinions and commentary for each section of each book.

Part of the beauty of this resource is that you have access to some of the best biblical scholars in the world, in accessible language, with the right amount of detail and all within just one volume.

In addition, if you buy in hardback version, you will likely be able to use this Bible study tool for the rest of your life (well, I guess that depends on how old you are when you purchase it! :))

For an excellent, one-volume commentary check out: