Ephesians Bible Study – Week 5

Prayer for Strength in the Inner Man (3:14-21)


Welcome to Week 5 of your Ephesians Bible Study.

This week we’ll be studying Ephesians 3:14-21, which represents Paul’s second prayer for the Ephesian church within this letter.

In a humble attitude, Paul once again seeks spiritual strength for the church.

You may recall that in in Week 2, we studied Paul’s first prayer for the Ephesians as he asked for wisdom and revelation.

Read Ephesians 3:14-21

Questions to Reflect on the Passage

  1. What is Paul’s posture as he begins to pray for the Ephesian church? What does that posture communicate about Paul, about his approach to prayer and about the one to whom Paul is praying?
  2. Verse 3:15 can be translated as “from whom his [God’s] whole family on heaven and earth derives its name” or “from whom all families in heaven and earth derives its name.” The latter reading is likelier given the original language. What difference does that make, the fact that ALL families on earth derive their name from God?
  3. Paul prays for three things for the Ephesian believers. What are these requests at 3:16, 17 and 18? In what role or capacity does each person of the Trinity appear in these requests?
  4. In 3:21, Paul says God receives glory in at least two ways. What are those two ways? How exactly is God glorified in these two ways?

Questions to Reflect on Your Life

  1. In thinking about your answers to Question #1 above, what is your mindset as you approach God in prayer? How do you view what takes place in prayer?
  2. Paul asks for three things for the Ephesians: 1) strength in the inner man; 2) that Christ may dwell in their hearts by faith and 3) that they might know the surpassing greatness of the love of Christ.
  3. Are any of these the prayers of your heart at the moment? Why? Can you give a personal example of the surpassing greatness of Christ’s love in your life?
  4. In 3:20 Paul states that God can do way more than we could ask or imagine. How big are your prayers? Do you really believe that God can answer and has an answer for anything you are experiencing now or will experience?
  5. How can God be glorified in the church, through you, today?