Free Bible Study Outlines – 1 Peter

Bible Study Resources for 1 Peter

I. Greetings from Peter to the resident aliens in the dispersion (1:1-2)

A. Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia

B. Elect and sanctified by the Trinity for obedience

C. Grace and peace be multiplied

II. A Heavenly Inheritance (1:3-12)

A. Blessed be God who has begotten us to a living hope (1:3-5)

1. Through the resurrection of Christ

2. To an incorruptible inheritance

3. We are kept by God’s power unto salvation

B. You rejoice in the midst of your trials (1:6-9)

1. So that your faith may be tested

2. So that your faith may be found praiseworthy at Christ’s coming

3. Though you do not see Jesus now, you rejoice and receive salvation

C. Prophets inquired about this salvation that is now being delivered to you (1:10-12)

1. They inquired about the time the Spirit predicted the sufferings of Christ

2. They were serving you in the things announced through the gospel

III. Identity of Christians in a hostile society: Be holy because I am holy (1:13-2:10)

A. Prepare your minds, be sober and fix your hope on Christ (1:13)

B. Do not be conformed to your former lusts but be holy because God is holy (1:14-16)

C. Live your lives as strangers in reverent fear (1:17-21)

1. You were purchased with the precious blood of Christ

2. God foreknew Christ before the world but he appeared in these last times

3. Through Christ you have faith in God

D. Since you have purified yourself in obeying the truth, love one another from the heart (1:22-2:3)

1. For you have been born again through the eternal word preached to you

2. Lay aside all evil conduct and desire the word to grow in salvation

E. You are all being built up into a spiritual house (2:4-10)

1. Christ is the chief cornerstone that the builders rejected

2. Christ is a stumbling block to Jews

3. You are the people of God

a. You are a chosen race

b. You are a royal priesthood

c. You are a holy nation

d. God’s special people who have obtained mercy

IV. Christian responsibility as resident aliens in civil and domestic matters (2:11-3:12)

A. Abstain from lusts and live honorably among the Gentiles (2:11-12)

B. Submit to governments (2:13-17)

1. They punish evildoers and praise those who do good

2. By doing good you silence foolish men

3. Do not use freedom as covering for evil

4. Honor all people and the king

C. Servants submit to your masters (2:18-25)

1. It is commendable to endure wrongful suffering because of conscience toward God

2. Christ left us an example to follow

3. He left justice to God

4. He bore our sins that we might live for righteousness

5. We have gone astray but now have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of our souls

D. Husbands and wives (3:1-7)

1. Wives be submissive toward your husbands

a. Do not simply wear outer adornment but have a gentle and quiet spirit

b. You are daughters of Sarah who also obeyed Abraham

2. Husbands honor wives so that your prayers may not be hindered

E. All should be of one mind (3:8-12)

1. Have compassion for one another

2. Do not repay evil for evil especially with your tongue

V. Suffering for the sake of doing good (3:13-4:19)

A. If you suffer for sake of righteousness, you are blessed (3:13-22)

1. Be prepared to give a defense for the hope in you

2. Your good conduct will shame evildoers who revile you

3. Christ also suffered once for sins

a. He was put to death in the flesh but made alive in the Spirit

b. He testified to the spirits in prison

4. The antitype of “baptism” now saves as in the days of Noah where the ark saved

B. Arm yourself with the same mindset as Christ who suffered (4:1-6)

1. He who suffered in the flesh ceases to sin

2. We should not live in lust as in former days

3. People are surprised when you don’t run after the same dissipation

C. Exhortations (4:7-11)

1. Be fervent and prayerful

2. Love one another and be hospitable without grumbling

3. Use your gifts for one another so that God might be glorified

D.Suffering For God’s Glory (4:12-19)

1. Trials are not strange occurrences

2. Rejoice because you partake of Christ’s sufferings

3. You are blessed if you are reproached for the name of Christ

4. Better to suffer for doing good than doing evil

VI. Shepherd the Flock (5:1-11)

A. To the elders, as a co-elder and witness to the sufferings of Christ

1. Shepherd the flock willingly, with compassion and without greed

2. You will receive a crown of glory when Christ appears

B. Younger people submit to your elders

C. Everyone, submit to one another

D. Humble yourselves and God will lift you up

1. Be sober for the devil prowls around seeking someone to devour

2. Resist the devil and know your fellow brothers also suffer

VII. Farewell and Peace (5:12-14)

A. I have written you from Babylon through Silvanus