Free Bible Study Outlines – 1 Thessalonians

Bible Study Resources for 1 Thessalonians

1 Thessalonians Bible Study

I. Greetings and blessings (1:1)

II. Thanksgiving for the Thessalonian’s faith (1:2-10)

A. Thanks and praise for the Thessalonians faith in action (1:2-3)

B. God’s election confirmed by power, conviction and Holy Spirit (1:4-5)

C. Suffering imitates the Lord and becomes example for others (1:6-7)

D. Word of the Lord went forth to Macedonia, Achia and every place (1:8-9)

E. Faith saves us from the coming wrath (1:10)

III. Paul defends his ministry in Thessalonica (2:1-16)

A. Despite persecution in Philippi, we shared the gospel given to us by God (2:1-6)

1. We were not motivated by error, impure motives, deceit or money (2:3; 5)

2. We did not seek honor from men, but rather, from God (2:4-6)

B. We did not want to be a burden to you (2:7-12)

1. We worked diligently among you (2:9)

2. We treated you as a father / mother would treat their sons (2:7-8, 2:11-12)

3. We lived irreproachable lives among you (2:10)

C. You accepted the word of God as if from God (2:13-16) (cf. 1:5)

1. You became imitators of the churches in Judea who suffer by sharing their faith (2:14-16) (cf. 1:6)

2. Those who persecute you will be judged (2:15-16) (cf. 1:10)

IV. Paul was worried about the Thessalonians (2:17-3:13)

A. Paul had to depart abruptly from Thessalonica and was prohited from returning (2:17-19)

B. Paul’s glory before God is the Thessalonian church (2:20)

C. Paul sent Timothy to Thessalonica when he could no longer support the uncertainty (3:1-5)

1. Paul sent Timothy to encourage them in their difficulties (3:2-4)

2. Paul worried about the Thessalonians faith (3:5)

3. Paul received an inspiring word from Timothy after his return: The church continues firmly in faith (3:6-10)

D. Paul prays that God would provide every spiritual blessing needed so that the Thessalonian church is able to serve God (3:11-14)

V. Live a holy life which is God’s will for you (4:1-12)

A. Live in a way that pleases God (4:1-2)

B. Avoid sexual immorality (4:3-8)

1. Each one should learn to control his / her body (4:4-5)

2. Do not defraud your brother in these matters (4:6)

3. God punishes these kinds of acts and he who rejects these instructions rejects God (4:7-8)

C. Love one another more fervently (4:9-10)

D. Live your life responsibly so you can be a good witness and not depend on anyone (4:11-12)

VI. The Second Coming of Christ (4:13-5:11)

A. There is consolation for those whose loved ones have passed away (4:13-18)

1. Christ’s resurrection guarantees our resurrection (4:14)

2. Christ will return and the dead in Christ will rise first (4:15)

3. Those who are still alive when he comes will be swept into the air to be with Christ forever (4:16-17).

4. We will be with Christ forever; therefore, comfort one another with these words

B. No one knows when Christ will return, therefore we should remain awake and alert (5:1-11).

VII. Final Instructions (5:12-20)

A. Respect your leaders (5:12-13)

B. Instructions for caring for church members (5:14-15)

C. Attitudes towards spiritual brothers / sisters (5:16-17)

D. Exhortations for living in the Spirit (5:19-22)

VIII. Conclusions (5:23-28)

A. Blessings (5:23-24)

B. Farewell (5:25-28)