Free Bible Study Outlines – Acts – 1

Part #1 – The Church In Jerusalem (Acts 1-7)

Note: The speeches in Acts appear in red. This is followed by a count of speeches for that individual then a total count for all speeches to that point.

I. Preparation for Pentecost (1:1-26)

A. Prologue (1:1-3) – Jesus’ story in Luke continues through the apostles and the Christian church (Cf. Luc 1:1-4) – Note: cf. Means compare to cited passages.

II. Jesus and the disciples (1:4-26)

A. Disciples ask Jesus when he will restore the kingdom to Israel (1:6-7)

B. Jesus promises the coming of the Spirit and the ascends into heaven (1:4-11)

C. Peter’s speech on choosing Matthias to replace Judas as an apostle (1:12-26) (1-1)

III. Peter and the Church in Jerusalem (2:1-5:42)

A. The Church is Born at Pentecost (2:1-47)

1. Pouring out of the Holy Spirit and the proclamation of God’s wonders to the Jewish world (2:1-13)

2. Peter’s speech to a Jewish audience proclaiming Jesus as the Messiah (2:14-39) (2-2)

3. 3,000 people are baptized that day

4. The nascent church shares their goods, communion and teaching (2:40-47)

B. Conflict with the religious leaders (3:1-4:31)

1. Peter heals a lame man in the temple (3:1-10)

2. Peter preaches to the Jewish crowd in the temple (3-3) (3:11-26)

3. Religious leaders arrest Peter and John (4:1-4)

4. Peter’s speech to the Sanhedrin (4-4) (4:5-12)

5. Disciples pray for boldness in preaching and the Holy Spirit falls again (4:23-31)

C. Other portraits of community life in the church (4:32-5:16)

1. The church shares their goods (4:32-35

2. Ananias and Sapphira’s sin of lying to the Holy Spirit (5:1-11)

D. Further conflict in the nascent church with the religious leaders (5:17-42)

1. Arrest, liberation and preaching of the apostles in the temple (5:17-21)

2. Peter’s speech to the Jewish council (5-5) (5:22-32)

3. Gamaliel’s speech giving wise council on the treatment of the apostles (1-6) (5:33-41) – “If this is from God, you will not be able to stop it…”

IV. Steven’s ministry and persecution of the church (6:1-8:4)

A. “The seven” are chosen to distribute the daily food to the widows (6:1-7)

B. Steven is arrested and accused by the council (6:8-15)

C. Stephen’s defense before the council (1-7) (06:16-7:53)

D. Stephen’s martyrdom (7:54-60)

E. Saul persecutes the church and the church is dispersed (8:1-3)