Free Bible Study Outlines – Acts – 2

Part #2 – The Church Judea and Samaria (Acts 8-12)

Note: The speeches in Acts appear in red. This is followed by an individual and cumulative count next to each speech.

I. Philip and Peter’s ministry in Judea and Samaria (8:4-40)

A. Philip preaches the gospel in Samaria (8:4-8)

B. Simon the magician is converted (8:9-13)

C. Peter confronts Simon the magician over his desire to purchase God’s gift (8:14-25)

D. Philip preaches the gospel to the Ethiopian eunuch who is converted (8:26-40)

II. Paul’s conversion and initial preaching (9:1-30)

A. Saul is converted on the road to Damascus (9:1-9)

B. Ananias baptizes Paul (9:10-19)

C. Paul preaches Christ in the synagogues of Damascus (9:20-22; cf. 26:20)

D. Saul escapes being killed (9:23-25; cf. 2 Cor 11:32)

E. Barnabas introduces Paul to the apostles in Jerusalem (9:26-30)

III. Peter ministers in Judea (9:32-43)

A. Peter heals Aeneas the paralytic as well as Lydda (9:32-35)

B. Peter resuscitates Dorcas in Joppa (9:36-43)

IV. Cornelius’s conversion (10:01-11:08)

A. An angel appears to Cornelius asking him to send for Peter (10:1-8)

B. During a vision, Peter is instructed to eat from a sheet filled with clean and unclean animals (10:9-16)

C. A delegation from Cornelius comes to Caesarea looking for Peter (10:17-23)

D. Peter preaches to Cornelius and the Holy Spirit falls on Cornelius’ household (6-8) (10:24-48)

E. Peter defends his actions on his preaching to Cornelius (7-9) (11:1-18)

V. Other activities in Judea and Samaria (11:19-12:24)

A. Paul and Barnabas teach at the church at Antioch (11:19-30)

B. The church at Antioch sends financial help to Jerusalem (11:27-30)

C. King Herod kills Jacob and imprisons Peter who is later released by an angel (12:1-19)

D. King Herod meets a violent death (12:20-25)