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Free Bible Study Outlines – Acts – 3

Part 3 – The Church in Gentiles Territories (Acts 13-21)

Note: The speeches in Acts appear in red. This is followed by an individual and cumulative count next to each speech.

I. Paul’s first missionary journey (13:1-14:28)

A. Paul and Barnabas are set apart by the church at Antioch (13:1-3)

B. Paul preaches in Cyprus and governor Sergius Paulus is converted (13:4-12)

C. Paul preaches to a Jewish audience in Pisidan Antioch (1-10) (13:13-41)

D. Paul rejects his Jewish compatriots for not responding to the gospel (13:42-48)

E. Paul and Barnabas encounter Jewish opposition (13:49-52)

F. Paul preaches in Iconium to a mixed reception (14:1-7)

G. Paul and Barnabas are confused as gods and Paul’s speech to the inhabitants of Lystra (2-11) (14:8-18)

H. Paul is stoned and left for dead (14:19-20; cf. 2 Cor 11:25)

I. Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch with a good report (14:21-28)

II. The Jerusalem Council and Decree (15:1-35)

A. Gentiles are required to obey the law of Moses to be saved (15:1-5)

B. The apostles, elders and Paul and Barnabas meet to decide on the situation (15:6-21)

C. Peter’s speech reflecting on his experience with Cornelius (8-12) (15:7-11)

D. James’ speech offering a solution (1-13) (15:13-21)

E. The decree is formulated and sent out to the Gentile churches (15:22-35)

III. Paul’s Second Missionary (15:36-18:28)

A. Paul and Barnabas part ways over their disagreement about Mark (15:36-41)

B. Timothy joins Paul and Silas in Derbe (16:1-4)

C. Paul’s vision of the man from Macedonia (16:5-10)

D. Ministry in Philippi (16:11-40)

1. Lydia is converted and baptized (16:11-15)

2. Paul and Silas are jailed (16:16-24)

3. Philippian jailer is converted and baptized (16:25-34)

4. Paul and Barnabas are freed (16:35-40)

E. Ministry in Thessalonica (17:1-9)

1. Paul’s preaching in Thessalonica (17:1-4)

2. Persecution in Thessalonica and Paul and Silas flee the city (17:5-9)

F. Preaching in Berea (17:10-15)

G. Ministry in Athens (17:16-34)

1. Paul’s arrival in Athens (17:16-21)

2. Paul’s speech to the Athenians (3-14) (17:22-34)

H. Ministry in Corinth (18:1-17)

1. Paul preaches in Corinth (18:1-11)

2. Paul defends himself before Gallio the proconsul (18:12-17)

I. Brief stop in Ephesus, return to Antioch and Apollos (18:18-28)

IV. Paul’s Ministry in Ephesus (19:1-41)

A. Paul baptizes John’s disciples with the Holy Spirit (19:1-10)

B. Miracles in Ephesus (19:11-20)

C. Demetrius speech to the silversmiths causes a riot in Ephesus (1-15) (19:21-41)

D. Secretary in Ephesus calms the multitude and sends them home (1-16) (19:35-40)

V. Paul returns to Jerusalem(20:1-21:17)

A. Paul in Greece and Macedonia (20:1-6)

B. Paul in Troas where Eutychus falls through window (20:7-12)

C. Paul in Miletus and speech to Ephesian elders (4-17) (20:17-38)

D. Paul is warned in Troas and Caesarea not to go to Jerusalem (21:1-14)

E. Paul arrives in Jerusalem (21:15-17)

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