Free Bible Study Outlines – Acts – 4

Part 4 – Paul’s Trials and Voyage to Rome (Acts 21-28)

Note: The speeches in Acts appear in red. This is followed by an individual and cumulative count next to each speech.

I. Conflict in Jerusalem (21:15-23:35)

A. James’ speech to Paul to seek peace with Jewish-Christian brothers (2-18) (21:15-25)

B.Paul is arrested in the temple (21:26-36)

C.Paul’s speech to the Jewish multitude in Jerusalem (5-19) (21:37-22:29)

D. Paul defends himself before the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem (22:30-23:10)

E. Plot to kill Paul is conceived (23:11-22)

F. Paul is sent to governor Felix in Caesarea (23:23-35)

II. Paul en Caesarea (24:1-26:32)

A. Speech by Tertullus against Paul before Felix (1-20) (24:2-8)

B. Speech by Paul against Tertullus before Felix (6-21) (24:9-21)

C. Felix postpones his decision (24:22-27)

D. Paul appeals to Cesar before Festus (25:1-12)

E. Festus remits Paul’s case to King Agrippa (1-22) (25:24-27)

F. Paul’s defense before King Agrippa (7-23) (25:13-26:32)

III. Paul’s journey to Rome (27:1-28:31)

A. Paul begins his voyage to Rome (27:1-8)

B. Paul warns of danger on the voyage (27:9-12)

C. Paul’s boat is trapped in a storm (27:13-38)

D. Paul’s speech to his shipmates to encourage them (8-24) (27:21-26)

E. Shipwreck and ministry in Malta (27:39-28:10)

F. Paul reaches Rome (28:11-16)

IV. Paul’s ministry in Rome (28:17-31)

A. Paul’s final speech to his Jewish compatriots (9-25) (28:17-20)