Overview of the Bible – Step #3

The 13 Chapters of the Bible Story


We begin Step #3 in our Overview of the Bible course with the task of learning the story of the Bible.

In these next two steps I will be teaching you the grand narrative that begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation and incorporates every figure, narrative, story, event and book of the Bible.

This is perhaps the most critical part of our Bible overview course.

It is thus very important that you take your time with these next two steps, and that you put in the time to solidify your knowledge of the contents. It isn’t too difficult.

Your commitment will pay handsome dividends in how you approach, read and study the Scriptures.

The Chapters of the Bible Story

As with any story, the Bible story can be divided into 13 separate chapters (We are not superstitious here!)

The headings for each chapter are as follows:





5—Period of Judges

6—United Kingdom

7—Divided Kingdom


9—Return from Exile

10—Silence and Transition

11—Jesus Christ

12—Christian Church

13—Return of Jesus

Commit the Chapter Titles to Memory

Take time to memorize these headings. You should be able to repeat them to another person or write them down on a piece of paper in the same order.

You should probably test yourself a few times so that you are confident that you have the correct title for each of these 13 headings.

Begin to Assimilate Each Chapter

As you memorize each chapter, think of yourself as someone who is traversing through the history of the Bible.

You start at Creation with Adam and Eve, move on to the Patriarchs with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, then on to the Exodus with Moses, to the Conquest with Joshua and so on…

Each chapter should bring to mind a key event or figure.

Indeed, each of these chapters encapsulates many critical moments in Bible history or various critical figures within the Biblical story. We will fill in the details in the next step.

For now, recite these titles in your mind until they become automatic.

If you’ve made it past Step #3, write and let me know. You’re on your way to leaving the Bible shuffle behind.