The Bible as Story


Welcome to our free online bible course entitled “The Bible as Story.”

This mini-course is for anyone who has ever struggled with learning or understanding the Bible or for those who want a powerful and effective method for how to study the Bible.

Doin’ the Bible Shuffle

Let’s be honest, the Bible can often be a very confusing book (even for those who are fairly mature in their Christian faith).

Part of the confusion lies in its sheer size. There are 66 books and 1,200 chapters to dissect. And if that isn’t enough, the Bible presents us with a dizzying array of stories, figures, events and narratives to organize.

Given this volume, it’s no wonder many of us approach the Bible in a very piece-meal fashion, a patriarch over here, a lion’s den over there, Peter, Paul and Mary and the mount of transfiguration.

A Way Out of the Confusion

But what if I told you that the key to better understanding the Bible was not to learn MORE Bible facts or more about each of the Bible books?

Rather, the secret to truly learning the Bible and learning how to study it has to do with being able to grasp the overarching story that it tells. It is an overview of the Bible which you must master, a basic outline or summary if you will.

This free mini-Bible course will give you that overview and I am confident it will make a world of difference in your understanding and study of the Bible.

Trust me on this. I’ve taught this method to many people with great success!

6 Steps to an Overview of the Bible

Getting rid of the fog that surrounds your understanding of the Bible can be achieved by following these six steps:

Step #1 – The Bible As Story

Begins with the understanding that the Bible tells one continuous and unified story, starting in Genesis and ending in Revelation.  Once you wrap your mind around this concept, the rest falls into place.

Step #2 – The Central Message of the Bible

Teaches you the main theme or message of the Scriptures in one easy to remember sentence.  This is reducing the entire Biblical story into one phrase

Step #3 – The Chapters of the Bible Story

In this step of the Overview of the Bible Course, we initiate the task of memorizing the story of the Bible. Specifically, we begin by memorizing the 13 chapters of the Bible story.

Step #4 – Memorizing the Bible Story

The most critical part of this Overview of the Bible Course is actually buckling down and memorizing a 20 minute presentation of the Bible story.  Learning this story will completely transform the way you approach, read and study the Bible.

Step #5 – The Categories of the Bible Books

Introduces the concept of the different types of biblical literature. This is where you see how to organize all 66 books of the Bible into 8 simple literary categories.

Step #6 – Combining the Categories of Books with the Bible Story

In this step we connect the literary categories of the Bible to the Bible story itself bringing further unity to the scriptures.

Bonus Lesson – Understanding the Prophetical Books

This lesson goes a little deeper into how the prophetical books fit nicely into three chapters of the Bible story: United Kingdom, Exile and Return from Exile.

So there you have it.

Commit yourself to completing these steps and you will have mastered an incredible tool to shape your bible reading and understanding for the rest of your life.

All of God’s blessing.