Tech and Ministry

Dear friends of the Bible Study Blueprint:

I wanted to let you know about an exciting new venture I began in 2020.

It is called Digital Eclesia, and its purpose is to help churches, Christian non-profits and businesses, and individual Christians leverage the power of digital marketing technology for greater kingdom impact.

The World Has Gone Digital

We are now fully immersed in a global digital world. We live on our smart phones and social media, and we are now very comfortable doing almost everything online: entertainment, shopping, learning, and teaching.

This also means that if you are a church, small business, non-profit, or individual Christian entrepreneur / influencer, your audience lives online as well. You now have ready access to these potential audience members:

  1. How do you reach them effectively?
  2. How do you connect with them or engage them?
  3. How can you best serve them?
  4. How can you attract them to your church?
  5. If you are a business or entrepreneur, how can offer your products or services to them?
  6. And what technology do you need to master: websites, social media, email, etc.?

We Help You Leverage Technology

Digital Eclesia began during the pandemic, when the entire world went digital.

At the time, I knew that churches and businesses would be hurting since many did not have the tools or training to go online. Individuals would also be hurting after losing their jobs. I created Digital Eclesia to help fill these needs.

So if you are a church, or a non-profit, business or individual entrepreneur (Christian or not), I would encourage you to head over to Digital Eclesia to check out the free digital marketing training that we provide.

This is especially the case for churches who on the whole are not leveraging digital marketing technology to reach or serve their members or communities.

In addition, if you need help using technology, we have some awesome trained virtual assistants that you can hire. Since we only hire assistants who live in the majority world (outside of the U.S., Canada, U.K., or Europe) our prices are competitive.

They help you and you bless them. It’s a win-win.

Head over to Digital Eclesia to learn more.


(P.S. We also have a Digital Eclesia in Spanish.)