Understanding the Bible as Story


The Bible tells one continuous story.

This is the secret to breaking the confusion that often surrounds the study and understanding of the Bible, even down to its books and individual passages.

From Genesis to Revelation, through 66 books and the dizzying array of figures, events and narratives, the Bible weaves the glorious story of God’s relationship with humanity and the world that he created.

This is the story you will learn in this first step of the Bible Study Blueprint©. 

When you have internalized this grand narrative, huge chunks of the Bible will finally make sense.  This is because the story will serve as a framework where you will be able to place the different books, figures and smaller narratives.

Understanding and internalizing the grand story of the Bible is the missing piece in most approaches to Bible study. 

What Will You Learn? – Five Steps

The main part of this book is the story of the Bible, recounted in one 20-minute monologue, which I will ask you to memorize and internalize.  

I have divided this book into five steps that build upon one another:

Step #1 – You must understand that the Bible tells one continuous story

In this step you’ll begin to understand the one continuous story of the Bible and why learning the Bible this way makes the most sense.

Step #2 – You must learn the central message of the Bible

Like any good book or story, the Bible has a main theme or central message.  In this step we’ll study that central theme and why each phrase is important.

Step #3 – The Story of the Bible

In this step, I will teach you the grand story of the Bible.  This is the central part of the book.  Learn the story and the Bible will make more sense when you read or hear it.  In addition, you will be able to place different characters, stories, themes and books of the Bible into this larger story.  

Step #4 – Book Categories

In this step I will show you how to organize all 66 books of the Bible into 8 main categories. Once again, this will reduce the confusion surrounding the Bible because you will be able to see how the different books are related to one another. 

Step #5 – The Story of the Bible + Book Categories 

In this step we combine the Bible story with the book categories in Step #4. This will give you further clarity and understanding of how the Bible is put together.

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